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Door company Partner Cases

September 11, 2020

Latest company case about Door company Partner Cases


Corporated with Russia door company / factory. 

Our paterner corporated with our hot selling model - FL19, they make the security front door and distribute to Russia Market. 

Why do they choose Selockey? Here is answer from partner. 

1. The product quality is excellent. Very dural material and very durable product. 

2. Meeting good trend of nowadays - easy manage home for house owner. With app unlock. 

3. Other backup features: the lock can work together with intercom video system and access control system. A smart home must  have smart lock which can work with video door bell together, to be more safe for the home! Check vistor and then unlock with same app. Safe, easy, conveinent and time-saving! 

4. aumatic open and lock makes it more easy for opening and close. 

5. The excellent IP68 waterproof function and excellent high-low temperature resistance function can meet all kinds of using senerios without damage customer trust! 

6. Selockey has great customer service team, whenever there is problem we meet, they will guide and offer the solution immediately and solves the problem very fast. I dont need to worry about customer service! 



As a door company, I have very good confidence that I won the competitiveness to offer good customer service (installation service and after sales service) for my end-customer, which in return, our customers will be more loyal to our company! 


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